Senior lawyer and director of the Litigation and Arbitration Practice Group of González Tapia Abogados. Previously he had served in the criminal area, initially in administrative functions and then as assistant lawyer in the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal of the National District.

He was working in the legal counseling of General Motors financial services, Madrid Spain (GMAC), specifically in business, finance and taxation. He has participated in various civil, commercial and labor litigation, has also provided legal advice to national and international clients in business matters and contract negotiation.

He has represented the business sector leading important negotiation processes with trade unions from various branches of the commercial industry. It has also been part of important legal proceedings in the areas of insurance law, maritime law, civil liability, among others.

It centralizes with honesty, professionalism and delivery its practice in civil litigation, commercial litigation, civil law, referrals, commercial law, insurance rights, contracts, electronic law, competition law, advanced negotiation as alternative method of dispute resolution, property Intellectual and tax law.


He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the School of Law of Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, with a degree in law in 2007. He also has a master's degree in taxation and tax and business consulting from the Center for Financial Studies of Madrid (CEF), approved by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid year 2008.

He has held degrees in various branches of civil procedural law, tax law, referrals and accounting.


  • Dominican Republic Institute of Lawyers.
  • National Network of Lawyers.
  • Tax Association of the Dominican Republic (ATRI-RD).