Nowadays, companies that supply goods and services increasingly require specialized legal advice, so that within the framework of the regulatory complexities of the markets, in the relation of consumption established with the exchange and supply of their products, goods or services, are not only economically profitable but can be placed on the market without leading to potential conflicts with their customers and defense authorities to consumers or sectoral regulators.

Advising on Good Business Practices in general, by regulated and non-regulated sectors, is an advantageous tool for market positioning, responsible advertising and strategic connection with the markets: consumers and users.

In general, we advise companies on compliance with consumer and user protection rules, to prevent conflicts with consumers and administrative authorities; and provide legal assistance in specific cases against the administration and the claimants, or before the courts, depending on the legal nature of the case and the regulated or self-regulated sector.

Specifically, we help our clients with:

  • Compliance with product labeling standards for different sectors.
  • Promotion of responsible advertising and regulation of misleading and false advertising.
  • Inspection and surveillance of markets, with their procedures, legal attributions, corrective and improvement plans for companies.
  • Legal training to supervision personnel in accordance with the standard.
  • Principles and procedure of conciliation and arbitration of consumption.
  • Accession contracts: regulated and non-regulated sectors; Registration procedure for documents considered as adhesion, dispute settlement; Advice on design, friendly language and drafting of contractual clauses acceptable and compatible with legal norms.
  • Competition Law versus Consumer Protection.
  • Procedure and registration of Raffles, Sweepstakes and Contests; Writing of the bases with adequate language, dispute settlement.
  • Administrative resources: Reconsideration and Hierarchical Resources against Pro-Consumer Resolutions and the Directing Council, in accordance with Law 107-13 of Administrative Procedure and sectoral rules.