We accompany you in every commercial, corporate and corporate transaction that applies to the daily, legal and regulatory affairs of the business, in the different sectors: industrial, commercial and services, including investment operations, both in the Dominican Republic and abroad. We also provide general advice in the tax area and assistance in tariff matters.
Our Firm reaches the following topics:

  • Dominican and offshore companies’ incorporation.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Companies division, dissolution and liquidation.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • Commercial restructuring.
  • Domicile branches establishment.
  • Maintenance or renovation of commercial permits and/or corporate documents required by applicable laws.
  • Obtaining and maintenance of Mercantile Registry and National Taxpayer Registry of the chosen corporate vehicle.
  • Advice and negotiation for shares acquisitions, in both regulated and non-regulated systems.
  • All kinds of corporate transactions that apply to daily, legal and regulatory matters that affect your business.

Our experience has involved advising and accompanying important national and international companies in legal processes for the proper functioning of their business management, including their corporate social responsibility.