We are backed by extensive experience in advising domestic and foreign clients in their contracting processes with the public administration, either through tenders and direct contracting, as well as in bidding processes under Law No. 340-06, and other laws that regulate the matter.

Our team has stood out for its participation in various bidding processes with the State, and in effective public-private negotiation with favorable results for our clients.

This consultancy, which goes from the analysis stage of the bidding process, includes the accompaniment in the various phases of these processes, to the stage of contracting, closing, and subsequent contractual administration, such as:

  • Accompaniment and advice for compliance with the legal requirements contained in the specifications of the various selection processes.
  • Legal analysis of the specifications, verifying their conformity with the Procurement and Contracting Law, their complementary norms and the legal principles that govern this matter.
  • Challenging procurement processes both before the contracting institutions and before the governing body of the procurement system.
  • Applications for suspension and cancellation of procurement and contracting processes.
  • Judicial claims due to participation in the procurement and contracting processes.