We have integrated legal professionals with experience in all labor matters, including not only the Labor Code and all the regulations that complement it, but also everything related to social security, thus obtaining alternatives for the benefit of our clients. We keep up to date on the main changes in the labor market, those caused by labor reforms, the reform of the pension system, etc.

We have been part of important labor disputes, defending the companies of lawsuits brought by unions and groups of workers.

We have specialized in many facets of business advice applicable to labor law in a special way:

  • Advice in the companies’ labor matters, through opinions and trainings.
  • Negotiation of labor packs for the senior management.
  • Labor litigation.
  • Negotiation of collective agreements.
  • Labor union negotiation and mediation.
  • Regulatory compliance and claims of social security matters.
  • Labor statutory audit, labor regulations compliance and due diligence applicable to the company.