In the energy and gas sector, our country has many laws, decrees and resolutions that are part of the set of policies that regulate this sector, our Group of Government Practice knows in depth all its implications to provide with first-line advice, which will allow our clients to take advantage of the benefits of local investment legislation in the Energy and Gas sector.

González Tapia specializes in renewable energy. In this way, we have provided advice and consultation to potential electricity generation projects under this modality.

From the beginning of his career as a legal professional, our founding partner Pablo González Tapia has been closely linked to the development of the energy and gas sector in the Dominican Republic. He has been a lawyer for several companies in the electricity sector, many of which he has represented since his arrival in the country, having advised them in the negotiation of their energy purchase contracts (PPAs), and in the capitalization process of the then CDE Law No. 141-97, in which today they are generators and distributors, obtaining electric concessions, consulting in the interpretation and application of Law No. 125-01 of electricity and its regulation, etc.

His experience has also served to counsel fuel terminals, especially in his work as a lawyer in the installation in 1999 of what is now the Coastal Terminal at San Pedro de Macoris, as well as his advice with several international companies for the installation of a natural gas terminal in the Dominican Republic.

As a transversal axis to the regulation of energy and gas, the group of governmental practice of our firm focuses the advising to our clients, always attending to criteria of environmental sustainability advocating the protection of the environment and the natural resources.